Many Golf Clubs & Resorts in Spain  have suffered a drastic loss of revenue during 2020/2021 season due to the absent overseas golfer.  Golf Club staff have had to be furloughed and in some cases made redundant.

However, the desire to play golf has never been stronger.  Green open spaces,  opportunity to socialise and to be at one with nature has had many members and “new” golfers head to their local Golf Club.

Although the pandemic has resulted in uncertain times for the golf industry, there is now a  great opportunity to take advantage of the publicity that golf has had in terms of  improving mental health, great place to socialise and meet new people as well as being the only sport on the planet that can be played safely in regards to social distancing.

Below are some points raised by local Golf Managers, staff and local golfers.   It is clear that traditional operating methods need to be changed.

  • Increased time for leisure due to less commute and more time to play golf
  • Opportunity to socialise and take part in golfing events at Golf Clubs.  More amateur golf events required and better advertised
  • Further improvements on the PR of golf – need to target the younger generation / millenials, kids and women golfers
  • Flexibility – millenials don´t want 12 month membership, 5 hour rounds and stuffy Clubhouse surroundings
  • Tradition of golf – some Managers are aware of making too many changes that can not be reversed further down the line.
  • Ease of booking – online booking systems need to be improved , as players want to avoid queueing at the pro-shop
  • Dress code – millenials want a more relaxed dress code as do other players
  • The opportunity to improve kids academy and attract more golfers.   These are the future Club members.   Key is to employ good golf coaches that can motivate kids and are good teachers
  • To increase the number of women players.   This is a massive market that is waiting to be tapped into.
  • Increase number of tournaments with sponsors to increase visibility of Golf club
  • Play area for kids whilst the mum plays golf and can socialise in the Clubhouse
  • Open up space for remote working and networking
  • Important to have a good restaurant and cafeteria that  serves good food and employ friendly and helpful staff.  People will stay longer and will attract the non-golfer from further afield
  • Shorter courses, 6 or 9 holes need to be built for shorter rounds and easier to manage for the beginner
  • More PR that golf courses can be sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • More golf entertainment zones.  Night-time golf and restuarant/bar


Ín the coming weeks and months we will be posting articles and interviews with various golf industry experts regarding the issues raised above.    Feel free to e-mail us your comments and articles relating to golf in Spain to