Translated article from BBVA retirement section. 07 January, 2019

Spain offers all the ingredients to enjoy golf at any age:  wonderful courses and a favourable climate.

If there is a sport that adapts to all physical conditions and that combines physical and mental benefits, it is golf. To these benefits, more and more fans are being added.  Data from the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), 2016 closed with 273,527 federated, many of them over 50 years of age. It is the third most licensed sport, after soccer and basketball.

A very favourable climate, good communications and other tourist attractions make Spain a paradise for fans of this sport.

The health benefits of golf

A golfer burns approximately 700 calories on a 9-hole round.  Golfing moderately often greatly reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer. In addition, golf is an aerobic activity that reduces the risk of ailments such as hypertension or osteoporosis.

Additionally, golf is an activity with significant psychological benefits. It is recommended as an anti-stress practice and for those who require relaxation treatments. It is also a source of mental exercise, since it requires concentration.

For all these reasons, golf becomes a great activity for all ages, and especially for those who want to exercise outside of high intensity exercises.

Golf and retirement

Because of its benefits for the body and mind, because of the social and personal relationship component, because it invites people to travel to discover new courses, golf is an activity that more and more retirees are joining. Spain has innumerable courses and practice ranges and also has an enviable climate to enjoy this relaxing sport.

Can you imagine your retirement enjoying golf without the pressure of time and in the most spectacular courses in Spain?